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Maddoxgarden Garraí MhadógTownland C1851L2003
Maddoxland Fearann MhadógTownland C1851L2003
Magdalene Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
Maghereagh An Machaire RiabhachTownland C1851L2003
Main Street  DunleerGV1854  
Main Street  RevalGV1854  
Main Street  ClogherGV1854  
Maine  Maighean an BhradáinTownland C1851L2003
Mall, The  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Manistown Baile an MhannaighTownland C1851L2003
Manistown   ManistownTAB(A)1830?  
MansfieldstownBaile Mhic MháirtínTownland C1851L2003
Mansfieldstown  Baile Mhic MháirtínCivil Parish C1851L2003
Mapastown  Baile an MhápasaighTownland C1851L2003
MapastownBaile an MhápasaighCivil Parish C1851L2003
Maplestown  MapastownFWS1908  
Mapperstown  MapastownFWS1908  
Market Square  CollonGV1854  
Market Square  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Market Square  Liberties of CarlingfordGV1854  
Market Street  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Market Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Marlay  Baile BhearlaíTownland C1851L2003
MarlestownBaile BhearlaíCivil Parish C1851L2003
Marsh, North  An Méirse ThuaidhTownland C1851L2003
Marsh, South An Méirse TheasTownland C1851L2003
Marsh, The  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Marshallrath  Ráth an MharascalaighTownland C1851L2003
Marshes, Lower Na Méirsí ÍochtarachaTownland C1851L2003
Marshes, Upper Na Méirsí UachtarachaTownland C1851L2003
Martin's Fort  EdmondstownFWS1908  
Martinstown  Baile an MháirtínighTownland C1851L2003
Mary Street  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Maudelins, The  Rath (Ballybarrack Civil Parish)FWS1908  
Maynbroddask  Maine (?)FWS1908  
Mayne  An MhaigheanTownland C1851L2003
MayneAn MhaigheanCivil Parish C1851L2003
Mayorality Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Mayoralty Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
McArdle Court  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
McGovern's Court  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
McKenna's Lane  MellGV1854  
McKenna's Lane  MellGV1851  
McKenna's Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Meaghsland  Fearann na MíochTownland C1851L2003
Meeting Street  Liberties of CarlingfordGV1854  
Meganstown  WyanstownFWS1908  
Mell  MeilleTownland C1851L2003
Mell Lane  MellGV1854  
Mellifont  An Mhainistir MhórTownland C1851L2003
Mellifont Park or Louth Hill  Páirc na MainistreachTownland C1851L2003
Meolston  Thomastown (?)FWS1908  
Merchants' Quay  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Milestown  Baile MhílisTownland C1851L2003
Mill Lane  Liberties of CarlingfordGV1854  
Mill Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Mill Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Millars' Field  CastlebellinghamM(n)1930  
Millfield Fort  StabannanFWS1908  
Millgrange Gráinseach an MhuilinnTownland C1851L2003
Millockstown  Baile MhiológTownland C1851L2003
Millpark  Páirc an MhuilinnTownland C1851  
Milltown (Civil Parish of Barronstown)Cnoc an MhuilinnTownland C1851L2003
Milltown (Civil Parish of Dysart)Baile na MuileannTownland C1851L2003
Milltown (Civil Parish of  Termonfeckin)Baile an MhuilinnTownland C1851L2003
Milltown (Civil Parish of Dromiskin)Baile an MhuilinnTownland C1851L2003
Milltown Bog Currach Chnoc an MhuilinnTownland C1851L2003
Milltown, Grange Gráinseach Bhaile na MuileannTownland C1851L2003
Milltown, Old Seanbhaile na MuileannTownland C1851L2003
Miselrath  Louth Hall (?)FWS1908  
MitchelstownBaile MhistéalaTownland C1851L2003
Moatefield  PriestownFWS1908  
Mollagha Loght  Tinure and RathdanielFWS1908  
Monascreebe Móin na ScríbeTownland C1851L2003
Monasterboice  Mainistir BhuitheTownland C1851L2003
MonasterboiceMainistir BhuitheCivil Parish C1851L2003
Monavallet  Muine BhálaitTownland C1851L2003
Moneshevin  Kilcroney and DarverFWS1908  
Money Gole  SlievenagloghFWS1908  
Moneyboy  BellurganFWS1908  
Moneycrockroe Móin na gCnoc RuaTownland C1851L2003
Moneymore  An Mhónaidh MhórTownland C1851L2003
Moneymore  CarlingfordFWS1908  
Moneyveg  WindmillFWS1908  
Monksland Fearann na ManachTownland C1851L2003
Monksrebaghe  MonascreebeFWS1908  
Montana al'Knock  KnockalevaFWS1908  
Moor Hall  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Mooremount (Civil Parish of Cappoge)Baile ArdachTownland C1851L2003
Mooremount (Civil Parish of Dromin)Baile ArdachTownland C1851L2003
Moore's Court  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Moore's Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Moore's Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Mooretown An LorgainTownland C1851L2003
Moorland An CurrachTownland C1851L2003
Moretown  RogerstownFWS1908  
Morganstown Baile na MuireagánachTownland C1851L2003
MosstownBaile MhuirisCivil Parish C1851L2003
Mosstown, North  Baile Mhuiris ThuaidhTownland C1851L2003
Mosstown, South  Baile Mhuiris TheasTownland C1851L2003
Mount Oriel  CollonFWS1908  
Mount Pleasant  Coolfed and AghaboysFWS1908  
Mountain-town Sliabh Dhún LéireTownland C1851L2003
Mountbagnall Moin BhagnailTownland C1851L2003
Mountdoyle An CarraigínTownland C1851L2003
Mounthamilton Móta an HamaltúnaighTownland C1851L2003
Mountrush Muine RoisTownland C1851L2003
Moyendales  Mayne and DalesFWS1908  
Moyllenston  Mullanstown (?)FWS1908  
Much  Aishe  Ash, BigFWS1908  
Muchgrange An Ghráinseach MhórTownland C1851L2003
Mucklagh An MuclachTownland C1851L2003
Muff  An MaghTownland C1851L2003
Mullabane (Civil Parish of Carlingford)An Mullach BánTownland C1851L2003
Mullabane (Civil Parish of Clonkeen)An Mullach BánTownland C1851L2003
Mullabohy  Mullach na BoitheTownland C1851L2003
Mullacapple  Mullach an ChapaillTownland C1851L2003
Mullacloe  Mullach ClóTownland C1851L2003
Mullacrew  Mullach CraoibheTownland C1851L2003
Mullacurry Mullach CurraighTownland C1851L2003
Mulladrilan  CharlestownFWS1908  
Mulladrillen Mullach DrislinnTownland C1851L2003
Mulladrillen   Mulladrillen TAB(A)1830?  
Mullagh an Capall  NewtowndarverFWS1908  
Mullagh Bwee  CastletowncooleyFWS1908  
Mullagh Disseline  MullaghdrillenFWS1908  
Mullagh Disserne  MullaghdrillenFWS1908  
Mullagh Luin  DromiskinFWS1908  
Mullagh Ullagh  BawnFWS1908  
Mullagh Usker  SummerhillFWS1908  
Mullagharlin Mullaigh ChairlinnTownland C1851L2003
Mullagharnagh  SalterstownFWS1908  
Mullaghash  Belpatrick and FunshogFWS1908  
Mullaghattin (Civil Parish of Ballymascanlan)Mullach AitinneTownland C1851L2003
Mullaghattin (Civil Parish of Carlingford)Mullach AitinneTownland C1851L2003
Mullaghdoo  CollonFWS1908  
Mullagherin  Milltown (Dromiskin Civil parish)FWS1908  
Mullaghmore  Loughanmore (Mansfieldstown Civil Parish)FWS1908  
Mullaghmore  CorbollisFWS1908  
Mullaghroe  CollonFWS1908  
Mullameelan Mullach MaoláinTownland C1851L2003
Mullameelin   MullameelanTAB(A)1830?  
Mullamore  An Mullach MórTownland C1851L2003
Mullanstown Baile MhoilinTownland C1851L2003
MullaryMol ÁiríCivil Parish C1851L2003
Mullatee Mullach an tSíTownland C1851L2003
Mullavally  Mullach an BhaileTownland C1851L2003
Mullincross  Muileann CrosTownland C1851L2003
Mullin's Fort  WhiteriverFWS1908  
Mullinstown  MullanstownTAB(A)1930?  
Murray's Fort  TullakeelFWS1908  


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