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Beginning with letter B





where district or street situated


EnglishIrishType Year



Babesland  Newtownbabe (?)F
Babeswood Cill an BhábaighTownland C1851L2003
Bachelor's lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Bachelor's Lane  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Bachelor's Walk  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Bachelor's Walk  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Back Lane  Liberties of CarlingfordGV1854  
Baggotstown Baile an BhagóidighTownland C1851L2003
Baile na Claigeann  CarrickedmondFWS1908  
Bailyland Fearann BáilleTownland C1851L2003
Bailypark Páirc an BháillighTownland C1851L2003
Balachrath  Rath and Rath, LowerFWS1908  
Balbresk  BallinreaskFWS1908  
Balfeddock Baile PheadocTownland C1851L2003
Balgatheran Baile GadráinTownland C1851L2003
Ballabony Bealach BoinneTownland C1851L2003
Ballagan Baile LagáinTownland C1851L2003
Ballast Quay  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Ballaverty Baile Ui LaibheartaighTownland C1851L2003
Ballemaconlan   Ballymascanlan and CarrickcarnanFWS1908  
Ballenehatten  BallynahattinFWS1908  
Ballibalia  BallybailieTAB(A)1830?  
Balligatheran  BalgatheranFWS1908  
Ballinagha  BeaulieuFWS1908  
Ballinclare Baile an ChláirTownland C1851L2003
Ballinfuil Baile an PhoillTownland C1851L2003
Ballinfull   BallinfuilL2003  
Ballinlough Baile an LochaTownland C1851L2003
Ballinloughan Baile an LocháinTownland C1851L2003
Ballinreask Baile an RéiscTownland C1851L2003
Ballinteskin Baile an tSeiscinnTownland C1851L2003
Ballinurd Baile an UirdTownland C1851L2003
Ballnaghlan  BeaulieuFWS1908  
Balloran  BallyoranFWS1908  
Ballsgrove Garrán BálTownland C1851L2003
Ballug Baile LoigTownland C1851L2003
Ballybabdryth  BallybarrackFWS1908  
Ballybailie Áth BáilleachTownland C1851L2003
Ballybarrack Baile BhalraicTownland C1851L2003
BallybarrackBaile BhalraicCivil Parish C1851L2003
Ballybeney  Ballybinaby (?)FWS1908  
Ballybinaby Baile BinibeTownland C1851L2003
Ballyboirick  BallybarrackFWS1908  
BallyboysBaile Átha BuíCivil Parish C1851L2003
Ballybragan  BraganstownFWS1908  
Ballyconnely  Ballymascanlan and CarrickcarnanFWS1908  
Ballydonnell Baile DhónaillTownland C1851L2003
Ballydorn  DrominFWS1908  
Ballygoly Bealach gCuailleTownland C1851L2003
Ballygooly   BallygolyL2003  
Ballygowan Baile Mhic GabhannTownland C1851L2003
Ballymageragh Baile Mhic FhiachrachTownland C1851L2003
Ballymaglane Baile Mhic Giolla EáinTownland C1851L2003
Ballymakellett Baile Mhic EileoidTownland C1851L2003
Ballymakenny Baile Mhic ÉinighTownland C1851L2003
BallymakennyBaile Mhic ‰inighCivil Parish C1851L2003
Ballymakenny Road  YellowbatterGV1854  
Ballymascanlan Baile Mhic ScanláinTownland C1851L2003
Ballymascanlan (2 parts)Baile Mhic ScanláinCivil Parish C1851L2003
Ballymear  Mell and SheepgrangeFWS1908  
Ballynagassan Béal Átha na gCasánTownland C1851L2003
Ballynagrena Baile na GréineTownland C1851L2003
Ballynahattin Baile na hAitinneTownland C1851L2003
Ballynamaghery Baile na MachaireTownland C1851L2003
Ballynamony (Bradshaw) Baile na Móna (Bradshaw)Townland C1851L2003
Ballynamony (Murphy) Baile na Móna (Murphy)Townland C1851L2003
Ballyonan Baile Ui MhaonáinTownland C1851L2003
Ballyoran Baile OdhráinTownland C1851L2003
Ballypatrick  BelpatrickFWS1908  
Ballyregan Baile Ui RéigínTownland C1851L2003
Ballyshone  DromiskinFWS1908  
Ballytrasna (Civil Parish of Carlingford) An Baile TrasnaTownland C1851L2003
Ballytrasna (Civil Parish of Killanny)An Baile TrasnaTownland C1851L2003
Ballyvarn  BarronstownFWS1908  
Balregan Baile Ui RéigínTownland C1851L2003
Balresk  BallinreaskFWS1908  
Balriggan Baile UiginnTownland C1851L2003
Balrobin Baile RoibínTownland C1851L2003
Balroddie  Milltown (?) (Dromiskin Parish)FWS1908  
Baltereston  WalterstownFWS1908  
Baltrasna An Baile TrasnaTownland C1851L2003
Baltray Baile TráTownland C1851L2003
Baltray  DromiskinFWS1908  
Baltray Town  BaltrayGV1854  
Bankerstown Rois BhuíTownland C1851L2003
Banktown Baile an BhaincTownland C1851L2003
Barabona Bóthar an BhainneTownland C1851L2003
Barmeath Bearna MheáTownland C1851L2003
Barminrath  Barmeath (?)FWS1908  
Barn Hill  TermonfeckinFWS1908  
Barnattin  KillineerFWS1908  
Barnaveddoge Barr na bhFeadógTownland C1851L2003
Barrack Lane  LagavoorenGV1854  
Barrack Lane  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Barrack Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Barrack Street  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Barrett's Lane  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Barronstown Baile BharúinTownland C1851L2003
BarronstownBaile BharúinCivil Parish C1851L2003
Baskervill Rath  Mooretown (?)FWS1908  
Battsland Talamh BhaitTownland C1851L2003
Bavan An BábhúnTownland C1851L2003
Bawn An BábhúnTownland C1851L2003
Bawntaaffe Bábhún an TáthaighTownland C1851L2003
Beaulieu BéilinnTownland C1851L2003
BeaulieuBéilinnCivil Parish C1851L2003
Beggar's Row  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Begrath BeagráthTownland C1851L2003
Belachrath  Grange, IrishFWS1908  
Bellcotton Láithreach MinsíTownland C1851L2003
Bellmount  CarlingfordFWS1908  
Bellurgan (Civil Parish of Ballyboys)Baile na LorganTownland C1851L2003
Bellurgan  (Civil Parish of Castletown)Baile na LorganTownland C1851L2003
Belpatrick Buaile PhádraigTownland C1851L2003
Beltichburne Baile TichburneTownland C1851L2003
Beltrasna  BaltrasnaTAB(A)1830?  
Ben Rock  Anaverna (?)FWS1908  
Benagh An BeannachTownland C1851L2003
Bessex Well Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Bessexwell Lane  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Betaghstown Baile an BhiataighTownland C1851L2003
Beul teine  Kilcurry (?)FWS1908  
Beymore Road  LagavoorenGV1851  
Beymore Road  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Big Field, The  Haynestown (?)M(n)1930  
Big Furze  CallystownFWS1908  
Big Woman's Grave  CorrakitFWS1908  
Bigsland Baile an BhigighTownland C1851L2003
Black Gate, The  WilliamstownPSE1938  
Black Meadows  CurraghbegFWS1908  
Black Mountain  JenkinstownFWS1908  
Black Ridge  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Black Road  RoodstownFWS1908  
Black Rock  HaggardstownFWS1908  
Blackbut Lane  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Blackhall An Halla DubhTownland C1851L2003
Blackiston  BlakestownFWS1908  
Blackrock Village  HaggardstownGV1854  
Blackstick An Maide DubhTownland C1851L2003
Blackstick   BlackstickTAB(A)1830?  
Blaitch, The  MullincrossPSE1938  
Blakestown Baile an BhlácaighTownland C1851L2003
Blind Gate  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Boates Bridge  Ardee (?)FWS1908  
Bodestrata  Moneymore and Yellowbatter (Shop Street)JB1997  
Bog Field  Haynestown (?)M(n)1930  
Bog Meadow  CastlebellinghamM(n)1930  
Bogberry Hill  GlackFWS1908  
Bogtown Baile an ChurraighTownland C1851L2003
Bogtown  DromiskinFWS1908  
Boharboy  MuchgrangeFWS1908  
Boharnamoe Bóthar na mBóTownland C1851  
Boherglass  YellowbatterGV1854  
Bolies Na BuailteTownland C1851L2003
Bolton Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
Bolton Street  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Bongrogey  Toberdoney FWS1908  
Bornamo  BoharnamoeTAB(A)1830?  
Bosgraville's Rath  Mooretown (?)FWS1908  
Bothe Street  Moneymore and Yellowbatter (Shop Street)JB1997  
Bowden's Lane  MellGV1851  
Bowden's Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Boycetown Baile BhoisTownland C1851L2003
Boyne Place  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Boyne River  MellGV1851  
Boyne Terrace  YellowbatterGV1851  
Braden Street  YellowbatterGV1854  
Braganstown Baile Ui BhragáinTownland C1851L2003
Braghan BrachánTownland C1851L2003
Branagan's Cross  CollonFWS1908  
Bredin Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Brennan's Field  Haynestown (?)M(n)1930  
Briarhill Cnoc na nDriseogTownland C1851L2003
Bridge Street  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Bridge Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Bridge-a-Crin  Stumpa and FalmoreFWS1908  
Brittas An BriotásTownland C1851L2003
Broadlough An Loch LeathanTownland C1851L2003
Broadlough  BroadloughTAB(A)1830?  
Broughattin Bruach AitinneTownland C1851L2003
Brownstown Baile BhrúnTownland C1851L2003
Bull Ring  LagavoorenGV1851  
Bull Ring  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Burke's Land  WillvilleFWS1908  
Burren An BhoirinnTownland C1851L2003
Bush  BallavertyFWS1908  



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