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Beginning with letter C






where district or street situated







Cakeston  RoxboroughFWS1908  
Calga An CholgaighTownland C1851L2003
Callan  Collon (?)FWS1908  
Calliagh Dirra's House  PaddockFWS1908  
Calliaghstown  CallystownFWS1908  
Callystown Baile na gCailleachTownland C1851L2003
Cambrickville Baile na CáimriceTownland C1851L2003
Camp Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Cangy CeangaíTownland C1851L2003
Canonstown  Baile na gCanónachTownland C1851L2003
Capogsgreen  CappocksgreenTAB(A)1830?  
Cappocksgreen Faiche an CheapógaighTownland C1851L2003
Cappoge CeapógTownland C1851L2003
CappogeCeapógCivil Parish C1851L2003
Carcanston  CartanstownFWS1908  
Cardistown Baile an ChairdinighTownland C1851L2003
Carduffstown  Cookstown (?)FWS1908  
Carfinoge  Tankardsrock (?)FWS1908  
CarlingfordCairlinnCivil Parish C1851L2003
Carlingford Town  Commons (Carlingford)GV1854  
Carlingford Town  Liberties of CarlingfordGV1854  
Carmelite Friars, ? street to  Lagavooren (Corry's Hill?)JB1997  
Carnalughoge  Corr na LuchógTownland C1851L2003
Carnaluhoge  CarnalughogeFWS1908  
Carnanbreaga  DrumshallonFWS1908  
Carnanbregagh An Carnán BréagachTownland C1851L2003
Carnaneel  MillgrangeFWS1908  
Carnanelly  RassanFWS1908  
Carnavaddy  DulargyFWS1908  
Carnawilhurty  BellurganFWS1908  
Carn-beg An Carn BeagTownland C1851L2003
Carnistown  KearneystownFWS1908  
Carn-more An Carn MórTownland C1851L2003
Carnroe An Carnán RuaTownland C1851L2003
Carntown (Civil Parish of Ballymakenny) Baile ChairnighTownland C1851L2003
Carntown  (Civil Parish of St Peter's, Drogheda)Baile ChairnighTownland C1851L2003
Carrabane  DulargyFWS1908  
Carracloghan Cora an ChlocháinTownland C1851L2003
Carracushin  AllardstownFWS1908  
Carranmore  Grange, IrishFWS1908  
Carranspark and Tates  Tates & Corrana Park L2003  
Carrecogey  ChanonrockFWS1908  
Carrick a Builiwin  ChanonrockFWS1908  
Carrick a Lavermore  SlievenagloghFWS1908  
Carrick Menane  Carrickedmond (?)FWS1908  
Carrick Menari  Carrickedmond (?)FWS1908  
Carrick Road  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Carrickacreagh  Carraig an ChraoiTownland C1851L2003
Carrickadooan  Carraig an DamháinTownland C1851L2003
Carrickallan  Carraig ChalláinTownland C1851L2003
Carrickalust An Charraig LoisctheTownland C1851L2003
Carrickaneena  Carraig an AonaighTownland C1871L2003
Carrickastuck  Carraig an StocaTownland C1851L2003
Carrickavallan  Carraig an BhalláinTownland C1851L2003
CarrickbaggotCarraig BhagóidighTownland C1851L2003
CarrickbaggotCarraig an BhagóidighCivil Parish C1851L2003
Carrickbawn  BellurganFWS1908  
Carrick-bradagh  Raskeagh (?)FWS1908  
Carrickcarnan Corr  an CharnáinTownland C1851L2003
Carrickedmond Carraig ÉamainnTownland C1851L2003
Carrickleagh  An Charraig LéithTownland C1851L2003
Carricklostie  CarrickalustFWS1908  
Carrickmagagen  Carrickastuck and PhilipstownFWS1908  
Carrickmageogh Wood  CollonFWS1908  
Carrickmullan  Carraig MhaoláinTownland C1851L2003
Carricknashanagh Carraig na SionnachTownland C1851L2003
Carrickrobin Carraig RoibínTownland C1851L2003
Carrickvolan  CarrickavallanFWS1908  
Carrive Grove  DungoolyFWS1908  
Carstown (Civil Parish of Ballymakenny)CarastúnTownland C1851L2003
Carstown  (Civil Parish of Termonfeckin)CarastúnTownland C1851L2003
Cartanstown Baile ChartanTownland C1851L2003
Casan Linne  Linns and DillonstownFWS1908  
Casey's Place  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Casey's Row  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Cashelstown  Corstown and TullydonnellFWS1908  
Cassen  Ballynagassan (?)FWS1908  
Castle francke  CastleringFWS1908  
Castle Guard  Dawson's DemesneFWS1908  
Castle Moyle  CappogeFWS1908  
Castle Rath  Rath, LowerFWS1908  
Castle St John Street, road  near the  Lagavooren (John Street)
Castle Street  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Castle Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Castle Yard  Ardee (?)FWS1908  
Castlebellingham Baile an GhearlánaighTownland C1851L2003
Castlebellingham Town  CastlebellinghamGV1854  
Castlecarragh An Caisleán CarrachTownland C1851L2003
Castlecoo  GlaspistolFWS1908  
Castlekowe  GlaspistolFWS1908  
Castlelumny  An Caisleán LomnochtTownland C1851L2003
Castlering  Caisleán FhraingTownland C1851L2003
Castletate  Táite an ChaisleáinTownland C1851L2003
Castletown (Civil Parish of Castletown)Caisleán Dhún DealganTownland C1851L2003
Castletown  (Civil Parish of Mullary)Baile an ChaisleáinTownland C1851L2003
CastletownCaisleán Dhún DealganCivil Parish C1851L2003
Castletown Road  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Castletowncooley Caisleán ChuailleTownland C1851L2003
Cat's Hill  KilcroneyFWS1908  
Caudrinkin  Rassan (?)FWS1908  
Cavan (Civil Parish of Dunbin)An Cabhán Townland C1851L2003
Cavan (Civil Parish of Haynestown) Townland C1851L2003
Cavan  BawntaaffeFWS1908  
Cavanagh's Hall  MoneymoreGV1851  
Cavananore Cabhán an ÓirTownland C1851L2003
Cavanrobert  Cabhán RoibeairdTownland C1851L2003
Cellar (The)  JenkinstownFWS1908  
Chandlers Fields  KilsaranM(d)1835  
Channonrock  ChanonrockFWS1908  
Chanonrock  Carraig na gCanónachTownland C1851L2003
Chapel Field, The  GreenmountPSE1938  
Chapel Lane  CollonGV1854  
Chapel Lane  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Chapel Lane (old)  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Charlestown Baile an tSiarlaighTownland C1851L2003
CharlestownBaile an tSiarlaighCivil Parish C1851L2003
Charleville  Baile an GhleantúnaighTownland C1851L2003
Chasselsrath  DardisrathFWS1908  
Chester Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Chester's Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Christian's Hill  RiverstownFWS1908  
Christianstown Baile ChristínTownland C1851L2003
Church Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Church Lane  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Church Lane  Liberties of CarlingfordGV1854  
Church Lane  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Church Street  CollonGV1854  
Church Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Church Yard  MoneymoreGV1851  
Church Yard  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Churchtown Baile an TeampaillTownland C1851L2003
Civil Hollow  SalterstownFWS1908  
Clanbrassil Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Claraghens  Termonfeckin (?)FWS1908  
Clareston  Termonfeckin (?)FWS1908  
Claretrock  Townland C1851  
Cleggandinna  DromiskinFWS1908  
Clermont Park  Haynestown M(n)1930  
Clintonrath  EdmondstownFWS1908  
Clinton's Bridge  Belpatrick and Smarmore (?)FWS1908  
Clinton's Lane  LagavoorenGV1851  
Clinton's Lane  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Clinton's Meath Market  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Clintonstown  CharlevilleFWS1908  
Clintonwood  Mansfieldstown and WottonstownFWS1908  
Cliven  ClibhínTownland C1851L2003
Cloca Móra  Williamstown?PSE1938  
Clogh Far More  RathiddyFWS1908  
Clogh Patrick  RamparkFWS1908  
Cloghad  Dowdstown (?)FWS1908  
Cloghanmoyle An Clochán MaolTownland C1851L2003
Cloghbolly  RoxboroughFWS1908  
Clogher ClocharTownland C1851L2003
ClogherClocharCivil Parish C1851L2003
Clogher Town  CallystownGV1854  
Clogher Town  ClogherGV1854  
Cloghlea  An Chloch LiathTownland C1851L2003
Cloghleagh  GreatwoodFWS1908  
Cloghleagh  WhiterathFWS1908  
Clonaleenaghan Cluain an LionáinTownland C1851L2003
Clonkeehan Cluain CaocháinTownland C1851L2003
ClonkeehanCluain CaocháinCivil Parish C1851L2003
ClonkeenCluain CaoinCivil Parish C1851L2003
Clonmore Cluain MhórTownland C1851L2003
ClonmoreCluain MhórCivil Parish C1851L2003
Clonturk  KilcroneyFWS1908  
Clough Stoigha  RathbodyFWS1908  
Cloughmore  GlenmoreFWS1908  
Cluain Broin  DungoolyFWS1908  
Cluide  (Civil Parish of Smarmore)Clúid na gCatTownland C1851L2003
Cluide  (Civil Parish of  Dunleer)An ChlúidTownland C1851L2003
Cnoc Glass  GreenmountPSE1938  
Coach House Field  CastlebellinghamM(n)1930  
Cockle Hill  HaggardstownFWS1908  
Coleridan  CoolcreedanFWS1908  
College Lane  Townparks (Ardee)GV1854  
Collon CollannTownland C1851L2003
CollonCollannCivil Parish C1851L2003
Collon Town  CollonGV1854  
Collonbeg  CollonFWS1908  
Colnerstown  Termonfeckin or BallymakennyFWS1908  
Commons (Civil Parish of Carlingford)An CoimínTownland C1851L2003
Commons  (Civil Parish of Dromiskin)An CoimínTownland C1851L2003
Commons (Civil Parish of Louth)An CoimínTownland C1851L2003
Commons (Civil Parish of St Peter's, Drogheda)An CoimínTownland C1851L2003
Comrath  Dromiskin (?)FWS1908  
Coneyburrow An CoinicéarTownland C1851L2003
Cookspark  Páirc an ChócaighTownland C1851L2003
Cookstown Baile an ChócaighTownland C1851L2003
Coolamoney  StormanstownFWS1908  
Coolballa  DromiskinFWS1908  
Coolcredan  CoolcreedanFWS1908  
Coolcreedan  Cuil ChriodáinTownland C1851L2003
Coole An ChúilTownland C1851L2003
Coolestown Demesne  GreenmountFWS1908  
Cooley Castle  CastletowncooleyFWS1908  
Coolfed  KillencooleFWS1908  
Coolfore  Cúil FobhairTownland C1851L2003
Coolkirk  DardisrathFWS1908  
Coolrath  Cúil RáthaTownland C1851L2003
Cooly  Mountbagnall (?)FWS1908  
Coolyston  TempletownFWS1908  
Corballies  WhitestownFWS1908  
CorbollisAn CorrbhaileTownland C1851L2003
Corcreeghagh  An Chorr ChríochachTownland C1851L2003
Cord Lane  YellowbatterGV1854  
Cord Lane  YellowbatterGV1851  
Cord Road  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Corderry  Corr an DoireTownland C1851L2003
CordooganCorr DhúgáinTownland C1851L2003
Corkelt  CorrakitFWS1908  
Corlisbane  An Corrlios BánTownland C1851L2003
Corn Market  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Corn Market Hill (old)  LagavoorenGV1851  
Corn Market Hill (Old)  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Cornaculla  Liberties of CarlingfordFWS1908  
Cornamucklagh Corr na MuclachTownland C1851L2003
Corra  Corstown (?)FWS1908  
Corracar  GilbertstownFWS1908  
Corracloghan   CarracloghanL2003  
Corracon  KilpatrickFWS1908  
Corradoran  Corr an DobhráinTownland C1851L200
Corrakit Corr an ChaitTownland C1851L2003
Corry's Hill  LagavoorenGV1851  
Corry's Hill  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Corstown (Civil Parish of Drumcar)Baile an ChorraighTownland C1851L2003
Corstown (Civil Parish of Drumcar)Baile an ChorraighTownland C1851L2003
Corstown (Civil Parish of Dunleer)Baile na CoirreTownland C1851L
Cortial  CoirteailTownland C1851L2003
Cotheston  Cotlerstown (?)FWS1908  
Cotlerstown Baile ChotlairTownland C1851L2003
Courtbane An Chúirt BhánTownland C1851L2003
Creelagh  RossloughFWS1908  
Creelom  DrumgoolanFWS1908  
Creggan An CreagánCivil Parish C1851L2003
Crinnian's Fort  TullakeelFWS1908  
Croaghmartin Hill  BoharnamoeFWS1908  
Croak Berthon  BallaganFWS1908  
Croc Fura Wee  GreenmountPSE1938  
Crock da Cuillean  CortialFWS1908  
Crock Daragha  DunmahonFWS1908  
Crock More  Grange, IrishFWS1908  
Crock na Cullam  KillinFWS1908  
Crock na Gallon  MountrushFWS1908  
Crock na Hiesta  DulargyFWS1908  
Crock na Skeogue  MountrushFWS1908  
Crock na Skui  Dromin (?)FWS1908  
Crock na Tober  Ballymakellett (?)FWS1908  
Crockadoctor  CarstownFWS1908  
Crockrosha  PiedmontFWS1908  
Crockshee  HaggardstownFWS1908  
Crockshehy  JohnstownFWS1908  
Crockskully  RathdanielFWS1908  
Crocwether  WilliamstownPSE1938  
Croghan  TullyFWS1908  
Crois an Phobal  GreenmountPSE1938  
Crooked Street  CallystownGV1854  
Crooked Street  ClogherGV1854  
Crooked Street  LagavoorenGV1851  
Crooked Street  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Cross na Fhuile  DromiskinFWS1908  
Crossabeagh  Crosa BeitheTownland C1851L2003
Crossaleeny  Liberties of CarlingfordFWS1908  
Crow Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Crowmartin Craobh MhártainTownland C1851L2003
Cruisetown  Baile an ChrúisighTownland C1851L2003
Crumlin CromghlinnTownland C1851L2003
Cuillenstown Baile Mhic CuillinTownland C1851L2003
Culfore Cúil FobhairTownland C1851L2003
Cullamore  StonehouseFWS1908  
Cullen  Dungooly and LurgankeelFWS1908  
Cunnibery  WillistownFWS1908  
Cunnicar An CoinicéarTownland C1851L2003
Curabeg  CurraghbegTAB(A)1830?  
Curraghbeg An Currach BeagTownland C1851L2003
Curraghbwee  DellinFWS1908  
Curstown  Baile an ChurraighTownland C1851L2003
Cusack's Bridge  HurlstoneFWS1908  
Custom House Quay  MoneymoreGV1851  
Custom House Quay  YellowbatterGV1851  
Custom House Quay  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  



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Dividing Line on MC Research website

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