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Beginning with letter P





where district or street situated


EnglishIrish Type Year



Paddock  An PeadacTownland C1851L2003
Paddo's Acre  WilliamstownPSE1938  
Painestown (Civil Parish of Clonmore)Baile PhaghainTownland C1851L2003
Painestown (Civil Parish of Dromin)Baile PhaghainTownland C1851L2003
Páirca Dán  GreenmountPSE1938  
Pakenham Hall  MuffFWS1908  
Palace Road  MoneymoreGV1851  
Palace Row  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Palace Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
Palace Street  YellowbatterGV1851  
Palace Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Palmersland Talamh FalmaireachTownland C1851L2003
Para Bwee's Cross  ChristianstownFWS1908  
Paradise Row  MoneymoreGV1851  
Paradise Row  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Park Street  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Parkelowine  Carrickedmond (?)FWS1908  
Parklorne  Carrickedmond (?)FWS1908  
Parliament Square  Townparks (Dundalk)FWS1908  
Parnagasta's House  JenkinstownFWS1908  
Parsonstown Baile an PhearsúinTownland C1851L2003
ParsonstownBaile an PhearsúinCivil Parish C1851L2003
Patrick Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
Patrick's Well Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Paughanstown (Civil Parish of Dromin)Baile PhochainTownland C1851L2003
Paughanstown  (Civil Parish of Kildermock)Baile PhochainTownland C1851L2003
Pepperstown Baile an PhiobaraighTownland C1851L2003
Peter 's Court  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Peter Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
Petestown Baile PheitíTownland C1851L2003
Philibenstown  Baile na bhFilibíneachTownland C1851L2003
Philipston Kenrick  Philipstown (?) (Ardee Barony)FWS1908  
Philipstown (Civil Parish of Mosstown)Baile PhilibTownland C1851L2003
Philipstown (Civil Parish of Philipstown, Barony of Ardee) Baile PhilibTownland C1851L2003
Philipstown (Civil Parish of Philipstown, Barony of Dundalk)  Baile PhilibTownland C1851L2003
Philipstown (Civil Parish of Philipstown, Barony of Ferrard)Baile PhilibTownland C1851L2003
Philipstown (Barony of Ardee)Baile PhilibCivil Parish C1851L2003
Philipstown (Barony of Dundalk)Baile PhilibCivil Parish C1851L2003
Philipstown (Barony of Ferrard)Baile PhilibCivil Parish C1851L2003
Piedmont  Baile Mhic DhónaillTownland C1851L2003
Piperstown Baile an PhiobaraighTownland C1851  
Pitcher Hill  LagavoorenGV1851  
Pitcher Hill  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Plakatan  Lisrenny and PaughanstownFWS1908  
Plaster (Civil Parish of Barronstown)PlástarTownland C1851L2003
Plaster (Civil Parish of Ballymascanlan)PlástarTownland C1851L2003
Platin Road  LagavoorenGV1851  
Platin Road  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Pleasure Hill  Newtown, MonasterboiceFWS1908  
Plunketsland Talamh PluincéadachTownland C1851L2003
Plunketsland  Fearann an PhluincéadaighTownland C1851L2003
Point An PointeTownland C1851L2003
Pollbrock  Poll BrocTownland C1851L2003
Pollclabur  DrominFWS1908  
Pony Field  Haynestown (?)M(n)1930  
Pookstown  Puckstown (?)FWS1908  
Port An PortTownland C1851L2003
PortAn PortCivil Parish C1851L2003
Port na Guinan  SlievenagloghFWS1908  
Potato Market Square  MoneymoreGV1851  
Potato Market Square  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Priest's Lane  LagavoorenGV1851  
Priest's Lane  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Priest's Pad, The  Castletowncooley and Mullaghattin (?)FWS1908  
Priest-town  Baile an tSagairtTownland C1851L2003
Primatepark  Talamh an PhríomháidhTownland C1851L2003
Primate's Wood  DromiskinFWS1908  
Priorland Baile an PhrióraTownland C1851L2003
Priorstate  Dúiche na mBrátharTownland C1851L2003
Priorstown (Civil Parish of Drumshallom)Baile an PhrióraTownland C1851L2003
Priorstown (Civil Parish of Termonfeckin)Baile an PhrióraTownland C1851L2003
Proleek  ProilígTownland C1851L2003
Proleek Acres  Acraí PhroilígTownland C1851L2003
Prospect  YellowbatterGV1851  
Prospect Avenue  YellowbatterGV1851  
Prospect Avenue  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Prospect Road  YellowbatterGV1851  
Puckstown Poll an PhúcaTownland C1851L2003
Purcell's Court  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Purcellstown  Baile PhursáidTownland C1851L2003
Purcheston  PurcellstownFWS1908  



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