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where district or street situated


EnglishIrishType Year



SalterstownBaile an tSalainnTownland C1851L2003
SalterstownBaile an tSalainnCivil Parish C1851L2003
Sand Hole  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Sandfield  Achadh an GhainimhTownland C1851L2003
Sandyford Alley  YellowbatterGV1851  
Sandyford's Alley  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Scarlet Street  YellowbatterGV1854  
Scarlet Street  YellowbatterGV1851  
Scarlet Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Scholes Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Schole's Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Scogganstown Baile ScoganTownland C1851L2003
Scogginstown   ScogganstownTAB(A)1830?  
Scotch Hall  LagavoorenGV1851  
Scotch Hall  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Seabank  CastlebellinghamFWS1908  
Seatown  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Seatown Place  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Seecrin Suí CroinnTownland C1851L2003
Seefin  Annaloughan and RamparkFWS1908  
Seinte Lenes Lane  Moneymore and Yellowbatter (Bachelor's Lane)JB1997  
Serrelston  Charlestown (?)FWS1908  
Shamrock, The  GreenmountPSE1938  
Shamrockhill Cnoc na SeamarTownland C1851L2003
Shankill  Grange, IrishFWS1908  
ShanlisAn SeanliosTownland C1851L2003
Shanlis (2 parts)An SeanliosCivil Parish C1851L2003
Shanmullagh An SeanmhullachTownland C1851L2003
Sheelagh SaileogachTownland C1851L2003
Sheepgrange  Gráinseach na gCaorachTownland C1851L2003
Sheepwalk  Clochán na gCaorachTownland C1851L2003
Sheetland  TermonfeckinFWS1908  
Shereleston  CharlestownFWS1908  
Sheskan  BallymakellettFWS1908  
Shiel's Court  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Ship Street  LagavoorenGV1851  
Ship Street  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Shop Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
Shop Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Shop Street  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Shore Road  PointGV1854  
Shortstone, East  An Chloch Ghearr UachtarachTownland C1851L2003
Shortstone, West  An Chloch Ghearr ÍochtarachTownland C1851L2003
Silloge  An tSaileogTownland C1851L2003
Silverfield, The  WilliamstownPSE1938  
Silver Hill  BoharnamoeFWS1908  
Silver Park  Louth HallFWS1908  
Simcock's Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Simcock's Lane  MellGV1851  
Simcock's Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Simonstown Baile ShíomóinTownland C1851L2003
Sionhouse  StonehouseFWS1908  
Skeaghmore An Sceitheog MhórTownland C1851L2003
Skeeg, The  GreenmountPSE1938  
Skibbolmore An Scioból MórTownland C1851L2003
Slang, The  BoliesPSE1938  
Slate Hills  Newtown, MonasterboiceFWS1908  
Slieve  An MhuinchilleTownland C1851L2003
Slieve Feede  FeedeFWS1908  
Slieveboy An Sliabh BuíTownland C1851L2003
Slievenaglogh Sliabh na gClochTownland C1851L2003
Slieveroe  BellurganFWS1908  
Slievestucan  BallymakellettFWS1908  
Sliganstown  RoxboroughFWS1908  
SmarmoreSmearamairTownland C1851L2003
SmarmoreSmearamairCivil Parish C1851L2003
Smoothing Iron  GreenmountPSE1938  
South Quay  LagavoorenGV1851  
South Quay  Lagavooren (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Spellickanee Speilg an FhiaighTownland C1851L2003
Split Rock, The  GlenmoreFWS1908  
Sportsman's Hall  SportsmanshallGV1854  
Sportsmanshall Halla na CroicheTownland C1851L2003
Srath  BoliesPSE1938  
Sravuroo  WilliamstownPSE1938  
St. Elena's Well, Lane to  Moneymore and Yellowbatter (Bachelor's Lane)JB1997  
St Francis Street  YellowbatterGV1851  
St. James' Street  Lagavooren (James Street)JB1997  
St Lawrence Street  MoneymoreGV1851  
St Magdalene Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
St Magdalene Street  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
St Mary's, DroghedaParóiste MhuireCivil Parish C1851L2003
St Peter's Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
St Peter's Street  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
St. Peter's Street  Moneymore (Peter Street)JB1997  
St Peter's, DroghedaParóiste PheadairCivil Parish C1851L2003
St. James'  LagavoorenGV1851  
St. Laurence Street  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
StabannanTigh BeannáinTownland C1851L2003
StabannanTigh BeannáinCivil Parish C1851L2003
Stanage's Row  MoneymoreGV1851  
Stanage's Row  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Stapleton Place  Townparks (Dundalk)GV1854  
Steam Packet Quay  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Stephenstown  Baile LiasTownland C1851L2003
StickillinTigh CillínTownland C1851L2003
StickillinTigh CillínCivil Parish C1851L2003
Stifyans  Tigh PhaghainTownland C1851L2003
Stirue  Tigh RúTownland C1851L2003
Stirue   Townland C1851  
Stockwell Lane  MoneymoreGV1851  
Stockwell Lane  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Stonehouse  StónúsTownland C1851L2003
Stonetown, Lower  Baile na Cloiche ÍochtarachTownland C1851L2003
Stonetown, Upper  Baile na Cloiche UachtarachTownland C1851L2003
Stonylane Bóthar na gClochTownland C1851L2003
Stonylane   StonylaneTAB(A)1830?  
Stormanstown Baile an AirdTownland C1851L2003
Stranacarry Srath na CoradhTownland C1851L2003
Strandfield  NavanFWS1908  
Stranger's Gate  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
StreamstownBaile an tSrutháinTownland C1851L2003
StumpaAn StumpaTownland C1851L2003
Summerhill  Mullach OscairTownland C1851L2003
Sunday Gate  Yellowbatter (Drogheda Town)T1886  
Sunday Gate  Moneymore (Drogheda town)T1886  
Sunday's Gate  MoneymoreGV1851  
Suntown  BallynagrenaFWS1908  
SwinestownBaile Mhac SuibhneTownland C1851L2003



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